News flash Canada: seek out "the Bill C-71 book". Stop C-71 is free to download or view at - If you wish to keep your firearms, phone, write, email M.P.'s, Senators and the P.M., A.S.A.P.

About A.A.C.C.A.

The A.A.C.C.A. was registered Dec. 19, 1962 as an Association, under the Societies Act of Alberta. We are dedicated to promoting the preservation & historical importance of arms & cartridge collecting, in a safe & responsible manner. We organize multiple large shows through out the year, as well as supporting the Responsible Firearms community as a whole.

We are also currently accepting new members

We are also currently accepting new members. For membership information please visit our contact page.A.A.C.C.A. over the many past years has donated thousands of dollars in support of other firearms related clubs. Also donated funds to Calgary Food Bank, the sunshine & the Sick Children's Hospital Christmas Funds. Recently involved in purchase of 365 antique firearms from the Royal Ontario Museum for the Fort Whoop-up Museum in Lethbridge Alberta. Every Easter weekend we are proud to present Canada's Largest & Finest Antique Arms Show at the Roundup Centre Calgary. If this Collecting field interests you, we are always looking for new aggressive members who are willing to give of themselves to keep our old & well established club in the forefront.

Our Objectives

  • To promote and protect the right to collect arms, cartridges, accoutrements and related collectables
  • To promote the safe use and handling of firearms.
  • The preservation of history related to arms, cartridges, militaria & related artifacts, through shows, exhibitions & educational displays.
  • Host Canada's Largest & finest true Arms Show each & every Easter Friday & Saturday at the Stampede Grounds, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We also have 2 smaller shows held each January & September. See Show Calendar.
  • All Laws, regulations etc. at all levels will be adhered to.

Upcoming shows

Prince Albert Gun Show Saskatchewan

Prince Albert Gun Show

Mar. 23rd./2019

Spatzi: 780-747-2923 or

Prince Albert Gun Show

Canada's largest & finest arms show Calgary

Canada's largest & finest arms show

Mar. 30th., & 31st., /2019

Josie: 403-771-8348 or

NOTE THE DATE CHANGE FOR THIS YEAR ONLY A.A.C.C.A. Canada’s Largest & Finest Arms Show – 1000 tables Sat.9:30 to 5:00; Sun. 9:30 to 4:00 @ the B.M.O. Centre Stampede Grounds.

Lethbridge gun show Alberta Shows

Lethbridge gun show

June 14th. – 16th.,/2019

Spatzi: 780-747-2923

Lethbridge gun show